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Live Demo

Akura Presentation_2.13Akura PresentationAkura User Guide 2.13
The live demonstration enables users to experience the unique functionalities provided by Àkura without any installation. Users can get an overview of the functionalities and instructions on how to use them by clicking the Help link located on each page.

To login to the live demonstration use the following username and password.
• Username = admin • Password = admin

Do you want to investigate Àkura? Live Demo

Help Link

The help link is a detailed definition of the functionalities provided by Àkura that assists users to use the application.


The presentation provides an introduction to the Àkura School Management System.

User Guide

The user guide provides assistance with using the Àkura School Management System.

Installation Guide

The installation guide provides instructions on how to install Àkura and defines the minimal hardware and software requirements needed for the installation.