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Our Product

Àkura is a dynamic school management system that utilizes the latest technologies to effectively and efficiently manage a school environment. It provides a platform to unite school authorities, teachers, students and parents, to enhance the quality of education.

Àkura manages the daily activities of a school, from attendance recording, tracking student academic/co-curricular/religious activities to report generation and much more.

Teachers can monitor the progress of students while the principal can oversee the progress of each class and grade. Parents also benefit from Àkura by being able to monitor and stay up to date with the progress of their children.

At a time when maintaining the parent – teacher interaction is difficult; Àkura bridges that gap and allows schools to provide a better service to the students.

Àkura is a Web-enabled application that can be accessed from anywhere around the world.

Student Information

Have easy access to student details, parent information, term test and assignment marks, extra-curricular activities and reports. With Àkura you get a 360 ° view of a student’s progress.

Class and Subject Allocations

Àkura also automates grade, class and subject allocations for teachers and students for easy scheduling.

Teacher Information

Maintain teacher information, track class and subject allocations for each teacher and record attendance and leave details.

Parent Access

Parents can easily keep track of their children’s academic progress by accessing Àkura through the internet.


Attendance recording is automated through integration with scanning devices. Various reports show attendance records of students and staff, for regular school days and for special events.

Other Key Features

Can easily be customized or localized for any country or region.