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  • Àkura The Àkura School Management System
    Àkura is an open source school management system that facilitates the daily activities within a school environment
  • Àkura The Àkura Team
    The vibrant & enthusiastic Virtusans at work on Àkura
  • Àkura Àkura Smiles
    Fun and frolic at work within the Àkura team
  • Àkura Àkura Presentation
    Demonstration at St. Joseph’s College, Colombo, which was the first school to install Àkura
  • Àkura Àkura at St. Joseph’s College, Colombo, Sri Lanka
    The Àkura team and the Virtusa management with the principal, teachers and students of St. Joseph’s College after the successful installation

Who we are…

Virtusa is a leading global IT services company providing IT consulting, technology services, application services, custom software development, maintenance, re-engineering, independent software testing, mobility and outsourcing services.

Àkura Is…

Àkura is a school management system that utilizes the latest technologies to facilitate a new school managerial experience for principals, teachers as well as parents.

Team Spirit…

The Àkura team at Virtusa comprises of highly skilled and dedicated developers and QA members focused on the development of the open source school management system.

Join Us…

Thank you for your interest in the Àkura School Management System. Please email your valuable comments to us.

“A team of vibrant and enthusiastic Virtusans wrote the 1st lines of requirements for Àkura on 5th September 2011. On Valentine’s Day 2012, the alpha version of Àkura which collaborates with students, parents and teachers was uploaded to SourceForge.
Take Àkura to your school and experience the difference!” - Sajeevi Bangamuwage Project Manager - Àkura Team)